Cant Simulate new Setup -


i tried many time to create a new setup, every time i start the simulation the asm-client always finished after 2-3 seconds (how you can see in the picture). After that the Hompage-Sim says “The Method or Operation is not implemented”

have no idea what i can do or whats wrong.
i deinstalled the old client and installed the new one before.

Hope anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Could you give me a link to the simulation report showing that error message? With that I can try to re-run it and reproduce the error.

hey, i created a new one for your request, but in the screenshot there are 2 report links more with the error.

thanks for taking time to help :slight_smile:

I think that I see what’s going on – you’re trying to run a Gearing Strategy simulation. We have discontinued that simulation type for the rest of BfA. The amount of data that would have to be run is way too large to get a useful strategy in a reasonable length of time now with the addition of essences and corruption and azerite and tons more special item effects.

Instead, we added a bunch of optimizer customization options so that people can tweak it to do more or less whatever they like. You can customize the secondary stat ratio, azerite rules, and value of particular trinkets.