Casual player help

you all are soooo awesome! I have been using your website, and it has been soooo helpful for me to enjoy playing and not having to delve too deeply into the finer details of gearing because you all do such a great job of it! and I even find myself in the top 10 and sometimes 5 in the list for damage or healing. BUT, it’s just me and my husband, we can only do LFR. When I went to use mr. robot to find out my BIB for my druid resto healer, the only strategy was mythic. I thought oh hey Im never going to use that so i saw that there was a my strategies option, I downloaded the client to run strategies, but i can never save it so that it appears under my strategies. Perhaps I will be ok just using what you all provide to do BIB? perhaps I am trying to do something I don’t need to as a casual player? if Ive gone on too long here, and the answer is it’ll work for you dont worry about it, Im ok with that.

Someone else asked a similar question about gearing strategies, let me know if this reply helps out:

The current default healing strategy is Mythic+, designed with an emphasis on 5-man dungeons. For LFR, it should serve you well enough too.

In the next couple weeks, we will be adding some raid-specific healing gearing strategies before Uldir opens up that is designed more for larger raid groups. You could switch to that when it is available if LFR raids are the main place that you like to heal.

Custom strategies are mainly for people who want to do something very specific with their gear, or tune a strategy around very specific simulator settings. For the casual player, you’ll usually get worse results than one of the options we have crafted for you.

thanks! and thanks so much for responding so quickly! you all make my game playing experience so much more enjoyable