Champion's Brand

Does AMR take into account Champion’s Brand from the Tormented affix?

No, we do not include that in any optimizations.

Could that be included as an option? Right now I’m switching out items manually to get the “right” bonus, but that’s just a guess really.

You could use the stat customization to force a stat ratio that keeps your preferred stat higher than the others for the purpose of that buff.

I could, but that doesn’t actually sim if the extra mastery is better than the extra crit, I’m still guessing.

Though I did just notice I can sim with stats overridden, and there it seems the crit bonus is slightly better, but I still don’t want to set any forced ratios between the other stats, I just want more crit than mastery.

It’d also be useful to set stat thresholds that I want (enough haste to comfortably fit X spells into a cooldown, so an absolute value rather than a ratio) but that’s probably been brought up before.

Using the simulator to test custom sets of gear is probably going to be the way to go for what you are doing.

Once you start trying to tweak the stats to very specific values… it is hard for us to fill in around that with any certainty. Once you deviate from the data we are using to make the gearing strategies - it all gets pretty hand-wavy.

We used to have some code for items back in the day like rune of reorigination that did things like this. But that was before we were using a simulation model to get more accurate results. If this were something that was going to stick around in the game for longer (or if it were a very big deal), we’d put something in for it. Right now it might not be worth the effort, considering the scale of the effect isn’t all that exciting.