Change gems agility to attack power

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:
Why is askmrrobot saying that I need to change +8 agility gems with +16 attack power gems

I know that agility only give 1 attack power pr. agility , but agility also gives crit, armor and more.


Hard to say without knowing more about your case. You can use the help link above the gear table to generate a snapshot id. Post that id here and we can look at your specific case.

SnapID : 04e39c541c31423992fbe656133d984a

The attack power gems are very slightly better with the chosen setup in your highest priority setup (solo or dungeon).

If you want the 8 agility gems to be ranked higher, you could enable blessing of kings in your settings, or exclude the attack power gems from the optimization.

Thank you for the answer.