Changing Mr Robot stat priority manually to my PvP stat priority

Is there a simple way of manually changing what Stat priority I am looking for. I am mainly gearing to play Arena, which means that Versatility is more important to me than it would be otherwise. For my PvP Essences and Talents I just “lock” them in so Mr Robot builds around them, however I want to have more control over the secondary stats I actually need.

Thanks, the secondary stat piechart is nice now that I have found it. It does confuse me though. For instance I allocated it in a way where it looks for more Vers than all other stats . (Vers->Haste->Crit->Mastery) However when I run my character through this setup while the character currently has more Haste then Vers, Mr Robot tells me that I need “less vers” and “more haste”, which counters the pie chart that I put in.

The text “less vers, more haste” is based on the simulation their are doing and the optimum result you could get in a “Single Target” or “Multi target” simulation. Wich isn’t based on the pie you setup.

@swol could possible add something to hide it if you put custom stats but from my point of view you just need to forget about it if you want to use it for pvp.

If you are using a custom stat allocation, I’d toggle that view to the “Char Sheet” instead of “Stat Analysis”.