Character not found

When i load up my character johnisme and do an armory update i get this error meassge-Status: NotFound, Reason: Character not found.I can load up my other characters such as johnsme and shameonjohn with no issues.Is there a setting i need to do to fix this issue?

What realm are you on? There has been a problem with a few realms (bladefist, kul tiras, emerald dream for sure) where the armory always returns not found for over a month now… no information from blizzard on when it will be fixed.

You can use our in-game addon to get around the problem until blizzard is able to figure it out.

Its fixed now,my johnisme is updating properly,was a wow glitch.

I can not find one of my characters either. I’m in the Eitrigg realm. What is the name of your addon?

My bad, didn’t have right realm typed in. duh!