Character not showing when I log on at another computer

I’m new to AMR, and usually use it at home. I paid for the subscription (premium) and the WoW classic addon, which is what I play.

It works great on my computer at home where I play WoW, but when I log onto the site from another computer (using the same account, which I’ve verified sees my subscription), I don’t see my character.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?


All of your settings are saved on our servers, so it doesn’t matter what computer you use. The only thing that is saved to your specific browser is the list of recent characters.

If you don’t have access to WoW on your other machine and your character is not in the list of recent characters, you can load your character by copying an addon export string somewhere and using that to load on your other computer, or simply opening a blank tab and navigating directly to your character’s page e.g.: realm/myname

You could also load from the Armory… but that can sometimes mess up your data a little bit. Using the addon is much more reliable.