Character page won't load with MS Edge

None of my characters will load when using MS Edge. Works fine with IE11.

Maybe you have some sort of addon or extension blocking it? I can load my characters in edge.

I have 2 Extensions and have disabled both and get the same issue. I also completely disabled them using the Group Policy Editor and still no luck.
Also when using IE11 the characters load but when using the Upgrade Finder when I change the Search Type dropdown the screen does not refresh

Well, I know for sure that the website works in Edge, since we often use it during development. There must be something specific to your setup that is causing the site not to load.

If you open up the developer tools, can you see any particular errors that could give us more info to help you?

What happens if you click on the dropdown? Does it give you the option to load a character?

Don’t see any errors. I can select the character but the page still does not load

Hmmm… is there anything at all you can think of that is non-standard about your computer/edge setup?

A good number of our users view the site on edge and this is the only report I’ve seen of this error.

Found an error

It’s saying that there isn’t enough room in local storage to save the files we cache to make the site run fast.

Do you have local storage disabled? (Incognito mode type behavior?)

The size of the files we store can’t be very large… I can try to find out how big they are if it makes any difference.

It was set to “Don’t block cookies”. I went in Dev tools and checked the local storage. It was packed with tons of old Simulator entries etc. I deleted everything manually and may have fixed the issue although manually having to do this seems a bit much for the casual user. Shouldn’t the site clean out old entries?

There might be a lot of settings, but they are all very small. Cleaning it out shouldn’t be necessary… something unusual must have happened in your case.

I have exactly the same issue

Were you also able to resolve it by clearing out some of the local storage? Do you do use the site a lot, or just occasionally?

I wonder if something has changed in Edge in a recent update.