Checking a specific item

Is there a way to check whether or not a specific item (name/iLvl) will be an upgrade? I often check world quest, quest rewards, adventures for the item that will drop, go get it, only to find AMR frowning on it. Thereby I accumulated various 203+ trinkets but still have to run around with one at 184.

So it would be great to figure out “Will this item be an upgrade?” before I invest time in getting it. Sometimes I check if it is in the upgrade list, but that only tells me I shouldn’t get the 148 version of an item that is announced in my world quest as 197.

Thanks in advance!

The Add to my Bag search in the Upgrade Finder does exactly what you are looking for. You can choose up to 10 items, including changing their ilvl. It then runs the BiB for each item in the list, and the result will give you a ranking for each item along with the % upgrade that they will give you.

They recently introduced this feature, at the same time they introduced the Great Vault feature, since behind the scenes, I think they are doing a very similar function.


Lovely, thanks! :pray: Will try it out immediately…

Still… I can add an 148 version of a given trinket, while the Adventure offers me the 194 version of that item. And I don’t have the 148 version in my bags either…

Firstly, the add to my bag feature is mainly for use for items that you don’t have in your bag yet, since items in your bag would already be taken into consideration in the BiB optimisation.

I know for some items, like the Covenant gear, you can specify the ilvl. But it seems that for some items, it is only showing the lowest level version of it. I can replicate the same issue with another trinket, Wakener’s Frond, which is also obtained via world quests/adventures. Only the ilvl 148 Wakener’s Frond is available, and I can’t modify the ilvl to a higher one, plus when I rank that one, the 148 one shows as owned, since I already own a 194 version.

I can’t really help you with regards to that, Yellowfive or Swol will need to reply to you as to why these cannot be upgraded in this feature, although I think someone else might have already asked a very similar question. From what I understand, Blizzard does some quirky things with their IDs when it comes to quest rewards that can vary the ilvl.

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We may be missing some variations of that item in our item data - it is pretty tough to make sense of all of the item data spaghetti that blizzard does. I’ll see if we can figure out where the variants are.

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Big thanks to the both of you. ARM is already a powerful tool, but this would make it even better. I really have limited time, so would want to avoid doing world-quests, that do not even improve my gear.

Maybe we need a “Create Item” entry, so I can simply type name, ilvl and values until Blizzard sorts it’s crap out. Yes I know, communicating the equip/use values might be an issue. And don’t get me strated on localization. OTOH: why not crowdsourcing some efforts?

I’ll try to take a guess at item level variations available on some of these items in our next update. After the update if a variation is still missing, make a post and we’ll update it again.

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So, rule of thumb be: If I can’t find a given item with that particular ilvl in WowHead, I won’t find it here b/c it’s not an ID, but an “ID with (dubious) benefits”? :sweat_smile: