Chest missing from BiS list

I was trying to work out where Volatile Arming Doublet sat in the BiS list for my mage and it doesn’t show up at all, I even changed all of the filters just in case it was tagged as from something I had filtered out but it’s just not there.

Also while asking about the BiS can we get an option to include crafted items for the professions we know instead of just all crafted items?

I see it in the list for your character (and any mage)… maybe you have some filter set?

I don’t know what’s going on then.

It doesn’t matter if I search for the chest, dungeon or boss who drops it the list looks like this.

Maybe try changing the M+ level to None.

I was about to say : if it’s a craft only item you will need to be a specific profession to have it in the list but it’s not such item

M+ set to none & I get this:

… only seems to recognise the iL415 (stock) version.

It does show up when that is set to None, I’d changed that to +10 as the list doesn’t have them in it even though you’ve set it to +10 on the previous screen.

If I set professions to all it shows me professions I don’t have along with the engineering goggles.