Choose legendary

Hello all,
I want to know if its possible to choose the legendaries for BIB.
Cause i play priest holy and i have too many legendary. For raid the best legendary is Velen, Cloak and Prydaz, i want to see the best in bag with cloak and velen but i cant cause i have not choice to make it.

so can i make something to have more choice to BIB with legendary i want ?

Thank you and sorry if my english is bad.

You can lock in specific items. After running Best in Bags, click on the item in any slot, e.g. Trinket 1. Choose Velen’s from the list of your items, and now you will see a dotted outline around it in the gear table. Click “Save and Update” above the gear table, and it will optimize around that choice.

You can do this for as many slots as you like. Press “unlock all” above the gear table or right-click on a locked item to unlock it.