Chorus of insanity - is MrRobot right on only using one of it?

Comparing what 99% of the shadowpriests are using according to logs, and what mrrobot is showing, I’m a bit suspicious.


Edit: Maybe i should add it’s in ULDIR.

So, 2X Chorus + 1 Archive - vs “random” other traits.

Which gearing strategy are you using? Our ranking for Chorus of Insanity looks to be correct from what I see. I can’t really speak to why a lot of folks are using 2 of them. What the community does generally follows “herd” mentality a lot: one guide somewhere says it is best so some people use it, then people see them use it, so everyone uses it, and so on.

We rank gear using a more data-driven approach that ignores people’s feelings. Robots don’t care about feelings.

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It’s Single target of course. Are you entirely sure it’s correct? One Voidform without any extra casting or gaining insanity, gives 470 crit, and using two CoI, is x2, while crit being highly valued as a SP.

Same as “Top tier azerite lists”, this trait is valued above anything else (except for 10x uldir buff).

On my research, AMR is the only one not putting it ontop.

Other sim programs had issues with CoI being valued too low for what it was. Is that not the case with AMR?

We have had it implemented correctly for the whole expansion. I can’t speak to how it is modeled in SimC, but when I do comparisons the values SimC is giving seem unrealistically high to me. I can’t say for sure if there is a bug in SimC or not, but I’ve gone over the AMR simulator on this particular trait numerous times to make sure it is correct.