Class hall shoulders Amice of the Dreamgrove - wrong iLvl

I have the class set shoulders upgraded to iLvl 870 (Amice of the Dreamgrove) but Mr. Robot is reporting these as iLvl 880 after exporting from the addon into the website, and throwing off recommendations.Any way I can force them to downgrade to the correct iLvl? When I try to manually edit the iLvl, it seems the only available choices are 850 and 880.

Could you give me the bonus IDs on the item that you have? They must be different than the ones I thought the game was using for those upgrades.

You can find the bonus IDs on the item tooltips on our website – they show up in small grey text at the very bottom.

looks like this is still wrong: Id: 3386, 3526

This should be fixed up in one of our upcoming 7.2.5 updates… I have a few versions of the item data, seems like the fix didn’t get copied to the current 7.2 database.