Class stat weight Resto Druid

I just started using AMR, and i am confused by the fact that most other sites value Versatility pretty low, but AMR wants me to change all of my enchants and gems to it? was there a change, as I used to prioritize Mastery

No change, we use a different method of determining which stats are best. Our healing recommendations, in particular, tend to not follow what you will find on other websites. I can assure you that our gear suggestions will work well. (I play these “off-meta” builds our site comes up with in game and do good healing.)

That said, the suggestions on other sites will probably also work well. There is a lot of fuzz in healer gearing.

Versatility, in particular, is more favored on our site because we consider the damage reduction you get on yourself in the calculations. We are able to do this because we built a healing simulator that we use.

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