Classic AMR showing me direct upgrades as downgrades

Hi there. I have an issue where the Find Upgrades feature seems to be malfunctioning. I’m a fire mage in Classic WoW wearing the the T1 helm (+27 int; +1 hit; +20 damage and no other T1 pieces, so no lost set bonus). AMR says T2.5 helm (+24 int; +33 damage; +1 hit; +1 crit) is a .78% downgrade – what am I (or is AMR) doing wrong?

Many thanks,

We need more information to help you. Use the help link above the BiB or BiS gear table to generate a snapshot id and post it. With that we can see everything that you are seeing.

Thanks; I never knew about that feature!

BiB: e7c8a8e509954757ba0fa093667f01b2
Find Upgrades: f5ddf426113943ddb2e93f07b7e56c59
BiS: 14f16265a9fc404989fb523e6170a6fc

I think my issue is with “Find Upgrades” – and it’s not just the helm I mentioned that doesn’t make sense to me; I also believe the Leggings of the Black Blizzard from AQ20 should not be rated lower than the T2 pants I’m wearing. Similarly, I can’t see why it’s rating the Sharpened Silithid Femur lower than my Claw of Chromaggus.

Appreciate any guidance.


The 90 second fight length must be falling right on some threshold where the extra intellect from your current item just barely gives you an extra spell cast.

In classic, one extra spell cast is all it takes to completely change the ranking of items. I highly encourage you to set the fight length to a length that actually coincides with how long your raid team’s fights typically take.

If you want to take fight length out of the equation more or less, optimize for a very short fight, like 30 seconds.