Classic - BiB is generating wrong info for my Fury Warrior


After the last upgrade to the site (at least since I used it and had to refresh anyhow) BiB no longer seems to work as expected. It no longer sees my 2H as equipped for instance, even though it is. Also can’t see to get it to save the 6% hit minimum I want.

Am I suddenly doing something wrong?

Since I can only put one image in a post, here is what Mr. Robot is showing me:

Try changing one of the items you have on in-game, and then re-exporting. Maybe your current equipment is cached with no weapon equipped. Forcing an update might solve the problem.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference. If I put in the 2 I have for a dual wield, it shows the upgrade as I’d expect, see picture. (Still trying to understand why the 2 weapons in dual wield are less DPS especially when find upgrades says the off hand is a 23% increase in DPS… apparently the main hand and off hand are treated discretely? So I have to show downgrades to see if the ‘pair’ added together is offset? But that’s a different question I’m sure.)

But if I put the 2H back in, I get the same as above.

I did figure out the hit cap problem through. Apparently I only but in 6% vs 9%, so it was factoring that in. This picture IS with 9% and you can see it holding at the 6% level. So that’s solved.

Yeah, there is no perfect, elegant solution for dealing with showing relative scores between 2 handed weapons and dual wield options when it comes to the ranked list for a single weapon slot. The upgrade finder has to assume what weapon you will use in the other hand if you do not currently have two weapons equipped.

Having no weapon equipped at all will result in weird things happening because the mathematical model cannot use a lot of the abilities it expects to use.

The only time we will automatically remove a 2-handed weapon for a warrior is for a Protection spec. If you have spec set to Protection, it optimizes for 1-handed sword and shield. Arms/Fury it ranks/allows for 2-handed weapons.

Thanks for the clarification on the 2H vs dual wield. Only odd thing I’ve noticed there is I can’t sort easily by ‘main hand’ (or suppress the off hand to get to the start of #12 for my real upgrades) . Even using just ‘main’ returns all the off hands as well except for the one in the first position in the list.

Regardless, my initial problem still exists in that upgrade finder seems to not think I have my 2H weapon equipped when I export when I clearly do. Any other thoughts on that one?

Here is a paste of what’s coming from the addon to the website (I XXX’ed out the Server and guild)


I’ll take a look at that – seems the logic to remove 2-handers for inappropriate specs is picking up some extra cases that it shouldn’t.

Thanks. I don’t know if there is a way to track the ‘version’ number from our side, but it was working previously. Then the day I came back to it and posted this it said I needed to reload because the app had been updated. I honestly don’t recall the timeframe between the 2, but it does seem to be recent.

This should be fixed now, if you re-import your character.

Yep, looks fixed. Thanks! And thanks for the answers to the ‘extra’ questions. :slight_smile: