Classic BiS wont work?

So i Hit 60 yesterday. And now i wanted to see what Gear i should get.
I put my Character in and chose the Raids i want to go and everything worked fine up until i hit “Find Best in Slot” it says that i already have everything and only need some Enchantments on the things i didnt enchanted. It even says that my Armor Kits are the best i could get right now :stuck_out_tongue:
When i click on a single Item it still lists everything and says what would be an Upgrade but i dont get a Full BiS List automatically

If you post your snapshot id (use the help link right above the gear list) we could help you out with this.


You’re currently using a maximum item level setting of 10, so any item higher than that will not be considered. Just remove that and everything should work as intended.

thanks. Strange that this is the Default. Didnt even thought about that

It is not the default - must have gotten typed in on accident somehow. By default there is no max.