Classic Cataclysm

I made an addon called MiLVL Item Comparison in an effort to not need to use AMR anymore.
I never stopped using AMR, it was a valuable tool, but I figured my addon might be helpful to others now that AMR has no plans to support Cata.
It works when you hover over an item, it adds info to the tooltip about whether or not that item is an upgrade. It’s intended to help with “at-a-glance” decision making when rolling on loot.

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MiLVL is a awesome addon but I would make some changes to it. Should focus in what gear is already on along with whats been reforged, enchanted and gemmed. It tells me to reforge stats into hit on my DK and im already over hit cap. It a awesome addon though and did help out on my healer for sure

This is the big problem I have with all the other tools. None of them allow me to set a hit cap, they only set a hit weight so it makes it more difficult to tell what is an upgrade.

Being the Canadian turd that I am, it means that I have to roll on items I probably don’t need over other classes, and I feel bad.


@Swol run a kickstarter or something for how much you folks need to make for it to be profitable. I’m not sure how many subs were lost, but I know I’m one of them. (Not because of the decision, but because I don’t play retail.)

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to assist in the process or make the job more feasible.

Still working on getting all the classes correct with changes that came with Cataclysm.
I released an update yesterday that should have corrected Hit and Expertise caps for melee classes.
I really appreciate you checking out the addon, and I am open to any additional feedback that you may have.

It hadnt dawned on me that players may have the desire to set their own caps (though it makes sense they would want to, if the values being used are wrong).
I will be working on adding haste breakpoint information, and I will add this to the list of things to do.
I dont think it would be hard to add some controls to the options page that would allow you some configuration (and visual confirmation of the value) of caps.