Classic: custom healing rules causing ranking issue

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I’m optimizing a priest for healing and noticed when I give all the world buffs and mana consumables it chooses

hands of power 6int/6spirit/26 spellpower


hands of the exalted herald 13int/12spirit/33 healing power

It even has Felcloth gloves rated fairly high, these have 9stam/33 shadow spell power and no healing at all.

This leads me to believe it’s weighting spell power incorrectly for healing.

Ok I fixed this - it didn’t really have anything to do with spell power. Your custom spell distribution resulted in an edge case that I wasn’t checking for. With the fight length you have chosen, 5% of your casts as pw:shield, 5% as flash heal, and 90% as greater heal… you would end up with less than 1 full cast of pw:shield and flash heal. Caused some weirdness in the calculations. I added a check for that.

You’ll want to change your spell priority or increase the fight length if you want the optimization to ever consider casting flash heal or pw:shield.

Awesome, thanks for the quick relpy!