Classic: Disc priest - no option to optimize for DPS

No option exists to allow me to search for upgrades for Disc Priest other than as a pure healer.
I would like to know if anyone has found a way to get the tool to help search for +Spell Damage/Spell Crit/Spell Hit items in much the same way as for a Mage.
I customised by removing all the Heal spells except Nova but it’s not enough.
Disc Priest with +450 Spell Damage is alot of fun and still heals very well.
Optionally a way to insist on +Spell Damage priority over +Healing gear would likely work.

I didn’t implement a dps rotation for discipline or holy in the classic optimizer. You could probably set the spec to Shadow and then pick the talents you are using to get a fine set of gear choices. You might need to exclude an item or two if they are specifically good for Shadow.