Classic DPS - How do I see DPS rather than Percentage in BiS?

When I run BiS selectors, all I get is a % damage increase or decrease. This is OK, but can we please also add the predicted amount of damage or DPS?

The reason for this is that I would like to be able to try the same gear set with different rotations, buffs, and talent specifications.

How much DPS do I lose if I spec MD/Ruin when AQ comes out? How much DPS do I lose if I can’t cast corruption with SM/Ruin? How much DPS do I gain if I respec to DS/Ruin for raiding? I can’t tell with the current BiS selector.

It’s clear that the program is already doing this, can we please get a damage or DPS output for WoW Classic with the BiS simulator?

We don’t use a simulator. We are using a formula-based approach. The absolute value of the number we come up with may or may not be exactly what people expect, but the relative values work well for picking the gear.

We hesitate to show the actual DPS numbers because that would end up being distracting - the relative values are good and are working well, but as soon as we show the absolute DPS number people will want us to keep tweaking the formulas until those numbers match logs, even though it isn’t necessary for picking gear.

We could possibly make a way to compare talent builds… although for some classes it would be harder than others because the “rotation” becomes a little ambiguous with certain talent selections. That is something to consider - but so far our intention was to stick with optimizing gear only.

Ahhh… okay, that makes more sense…

Can I suggest a middle ground? Give us a number we can compare from one run to the next, just use a unit other than DPS. Give it units like “Awesome Points” or “Watermelons” or “Stabby-Stabs” etc which can be correlated to DPS, but aren’t equal to it.

That way we can compare one run to another, but you aren’t constantly hammered with “my DPS meter doesn’t match your simulation exactly!!! WHY???” posts from idiots who think that a single parse equates to a dps algorithm.