Classic: exclude 2H option for fury warriors

With today’s update, we added an option for Classic fury warriors to exclude 2-handed weapons when optimizing. It is a checkbox right under the “Use Recklessness” option in the setup step on Best in Bags and Best in Slot.

We added this option because with some talent/gear setups, you can theoretically do more damage with a 2-handed weapon than dual-wielding as a fury warrior. The optimizer, being an optimizer, will thus always pick 2-handed weapons over dual-wield setups in those cases. But some people would prefer to always use a dual-wield setup regardless – so check the option to exclude 2H weapons and you’re good to go.

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Just tried the new feature, however it is not working as intended. Even thought I select “Exclude 2H”, AMR still picked it for my Tanking build and also, not sure if it is related, but I couldn’t select a OH weapon, only shield.

Yeah your case is a little strange…

Firstly, you have explicitly excluded all shields… you don’t really want to do that when Protection is set as your spec. Protection is designed to pick one hand + shield combos. That is also why it does not list off-hand weapons.

I’ll look into why it is picking a 2-handed weapon… probably because you have it equipped, and the optimizer is set to explicitly allow whatever you have equipped regardless of your settings.

If you want to do dual-wield tanking, use a Fury spec and set the toughness slider to anything other than All DPS.

I did an update that should resolve your issue – basically it doesn’t allow 2-handed weapons on protection warriors, it will remove it when you load your character. (You’ll have to reload your character to see it update.)

Then just remember the rules around warriors:

  1. Fury set to All DPS optimizes for either dual-wield or 2-hander damage.
  2. Fury set to All DPS with Exclude 2H Weapons optimizes for dual-wield damage.
  3. Fury set to anything other than All DPS optimizes for dual-wield tanking.
  4. Protection optimizes for sword+shield damage or tanking depending on your toughness setting.
  5. Arms optimizes for two-hand damage.

Is this supposed to apply for upgrade finder results as well? It does not for me, and I’d like it to.