Classic Fire resist Stamina gear

For the Ragnaros fight I would like to maximize stamina (rather than armor) with my fire resist (using shaman fr 60 totem) at 315; I’d also like to see what would work well if I had fire resist totem AND shardtooth e’ko fr 15 buff.

How do I do this? “set tank toughness to maximum” I sense is considering a lot of other factors but specifically for Ragnaros I’ve been told what matters most is stamina /fire resist.

Thanks very much,

Go to the customize section:

Then enter a minimum amount of fire resist that you would like to have:


And then in the setup step, be sure to choose fire resist totem and juju ember from raid buffs and consumables, respectively:

That will handle your fire resistance. Then you can use the toughness slider to get your overall toughness where you want it to be. The higher you set it, the more it will value things like defense and stamina.