Classic gear optimization

For mages it is listing +healing rings and rings w/o spell damage as best in slot.

Looking to get a real estimation of DPS increases and what the best set I can make is VS the set I currently have and it seems to be placing ridiculous values on MC and ZG loot in comparison to Naxx loot.

Press the “help” link right above the gear table and post the snapshot id that is generated.

With that we can take a look and let you know what is going on.


As you can see in this image things like “zanzil band” and other blues w/o spell dmg and things like MP5 w/o other stats are listed higher than Seal of the Damned

Also note I have everything but AQ40 and Naxx clicked off for the “find best in slot” option.

You are optimizing for a 3 minute fight with no consumables enabled. Mana is going to be your limiting factor. Any gear that gives you more mana is going to be more beneficial to your DPS than +damage, since you’ll get more spell casts. Turn on the consumables you will use - you really should use the consumables that give you mana. Also shorten the fight length unless that is actually how long your fights take, in which case you should do what the optimizer says to get max damage.

It appears you have manually locked in a BiS set instead of following the optimizer’s advice. You would get a lot more damage following the optimizer!