Classic Hunter BIS 1% Haste to legs?

So when last I used the AMR just before TBC dropped, this leg chant was not BIS, the +8Agil or Falcons Call was. What changed with Classic to show 1% Haste is better than the others?

Also its showing Badge of the Swarmguard as lowest trinket to use for DPS? Again this was not the case when Classic first came out.

Thank you.

We are constantly fixing little bugs people find, or tweaking the optimization model based on feedback from users. I can’t remember specifically what would have potentially changed this exact case, sorry.

I can understand that. Classic Era isnt really a high priority in ASM.

So I guess I’m reporting two bugs.
1- Badge of the Swarmguard isnt being reported as a BIS Hunter trinket.
2- Something has altered the simulation to cause 1% haste buff to legs / Head to add more DPS to a Hunters stats then that of a Falcons call or +8 agility.

I updated the ranking for the badge - I think it was flagged as melee-only. It should be working fine now.

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