Classic Import Not Showing Equiped Items

Not certain if this has been mentioned before, but there appears to be an issue with the addon not exporting the currently equiped items, and showing that specific slots are empty, but then recommending those equiped items as upgrade bag items when using BEST IN BAG.

Of course I could be missing something completely.

Let me know if you require additional information, or whether I should clear my cache / wtf etc and try again.

Thanks in advance.

Note that the two suggested items ARE actually equipped. I have tried numerous times, and it still shows them as not on.

Could you send me the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website to import your character? With that I can try it and see why it isn’t loading those items for your character.

2;US;Fairbanks;Faidwen;Dazed and Dismounted;5;1;60;0:0;1;.s1;WARLOCK;25002000000000000205030014230100005350005002000100;.q1;12543s12;387s14;1008s18;30s13;144s3;2691s8e911;1s9e-6;125s1e1639;1s7e0;148s15e-1641;1325s11;4s10e27;321s2;81s6;69s16;267s5e-2;164s17;.inv;1980;340;1;675;0;389;906;0;0;1858;69;47;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;74;26;583;130;2;2;828;62;107;0;91;173;423;0;0;0;184;0;0;2;0;288;24;0;1676;138;44;8;15;29;2;0;139;439;249;141;75;116;2;393;5;111;598;10;0;69;403;121;0;0;209;85;0;2;1;0;186;0;0;0;1672;1;0;1;0;105;496;2;3;257;124;712;351;81;132;253;138;1662;580;645;1009

Also, it is determining that I am Demonology spec’d which technically I am not, even though I have the same number of points in 2 trees. THIS may be where the issue is occurring because it loads as a default spec, then I switch to Destruction, and that is when it shows the missing actual equipped items…

Just a thought…

Yeah when I load your character it is fine… for whatever reason destruction on your user profile got saved with those two items missing.

I’ll give some thought on how to update your current gear for a spec that doesn’t get auto-detected… right now we only overwrite your equipped gear for the spec that is imported. But since “spec” is more of a convenience in classic than a real “thing” like it is in BfA, we run into issues like this sometimes – we can only take a guess at what “spec” you actually want to be based on your talents and stuff.

For now, you could change your talents such that you have more points in destruction in-game, then import again. That would update the equipped gear for destruction. I’ll think on a better solution to put in a future update.

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