Classic prot warrior

Hi I am having issues using the bis finder. It recommends items based on stamina of the item. I was wondering if there is a way to make it find items to get my to the 6% hit cap if im an orc using an axe? I also want to try to def cap, or at least have whatever the amount of def I need. It mostly just recommends like green ring of stamina, this is at 60 by the way. and when I say no pvp, it would be great if it excluded rep items, and items based on pvp titles.

There are multiple threads on this forum you can search for that explain why specifically going for the hit cap isn’t necessarily or usually optimal. We may add in a way for people to force the hit cap anyway, since people just want to.

There is no way to achieve the defense “cap” in classic, as far as I’m aware. That was more of a BC thing. All of our calculations show that defense isn’t an amazing stat when compared to stamina, which is why our optimizer generally favors stamina, but still gets some defense depending on the items available to the search.

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how about turning off pvp rep items or rank items when I turn pvp off? like seeing things like sergeant cloak or the arathi cape as my bis. I started tanking in tbc and remember having to hit the cap well so maybe it was just a tbc thing. thanks for the response.

If you set pvp gear to none, you shouldn’t see those items. If you press the “help” link next to the big Best in Slot header, then Create Support Post, and paste the generated ID here, we can look at your exact setup and see what settings you are using, try to recreate it.

ffb9c91b32ef42b587fbfc280277dbc2 The master sergeant insignia. and I take it when I click to customize, ie click on the item, it just shows everything even what not selected.