Classic pvp mage toughness level going into pvp

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    EU / Mograine / Oddling

My question is:


Thinking of going into pvp on my mage as a elemntal specced.

On my warrior I have the option of setting toughness. I like to be somewhere in the middle since I don’t like to be squishy

I would like the same for my mage. The gear I am suggested now is too squishy for pvping.

Is there a way to set toughness level as a mage? or maybe set so that stamina is more prioritized?


Sorry – we don’t plan to support toughness optimization for DPS specs.

It’s generally pretty simple though… favor higher item level items to get more stamina, and get versatility (which you want for PvP anyway).


I forgot to add that its for classic.

My next question - I am planning to level up a paladin to aoe farm, especially for pre-patch tbc. I want to prio spell power + tankiness.

Is there any way to achieve this with mr . robot?