Classic: Robe of Volatile Power BiS for Frost Mage?


i am just starting with Ask Mr. Robot and tried the best in slot for my Mage.
I am wearing the Robe of the Archmage and it tells me that Robe of Volatile Power is BiS?

Just wondering about that decision and how correct Ask Mr. Robot for Classic is.


I don’t see what having Robe of the Archmage has to do with Choker of the Fire Lord? What item would you choose instead for the neck slot? Choker of the Fire Lord is generally considered BiS by most people, so I’d say our calculations are coming up with the expected answer here.

Uh, my bad. Just copy/paste without thinking. Of course the neck has nothing to do with the robe :slight_smile:
I mean Robe of Volatile Power, just corrected it in the first post.


If you click on the help link above the gear table, you can use the support post button to generate a snapshot that you can paste here. That lets me see all your settings.

We take into account more variables than most BiS lists, so sometimes we recommend a slightly different choice. With your settings I can figure out why it makes the choice it does.

Snapshot ID:


The mana on-use is not going to be useful for you in a 90 second fight. Robes of Volatile power give slightly more damage. They are really so close in stats that you’ll never notice a difference.

The calculations we do look at your mana pool, so it does a balancing act as far as where the most efficient place is on your gear to get more mana through intellect, spirit, mp5, on-use, etc.

Thanks for the quick answer.
So (besides +3 int and so on) +1% crit is more worth than +17 raw spell damage? Interessting, or good to know. I was just curious if it was a mistake.

I discovered the 90 sec option after my post. To be honest, i have to set this to 180-210 seconds (bossfights) when i look at our warcraftlogs. Then the calculations tell a whole other story :slight_smile:
But i am gonna let it stay at 90 second.


Actually - this might have more to do with the “on-use” item limit in your settings.
Talisman of Ephemeral Power is a better on-use than robes of the archmage, and I think that is what is making the optimizer pick Volatile Power instead. If you increase the on-use item limit or remove the limit, it picks robes of the archmage.

Ah thanks again for the clarification :slight_smile:


  1. Volatile power for fire, archmage is for frost. Archmage is better than Volatile power in this version. but Volatile power is better in NAXX(crit > SP).

  2. For now, Volatile is PVP gear and Archmage is PVE.