[Classic] " Stat threshold - Force a minimum of certain stats" is not forcing my desired stats

Hello. I’m playing a furytank in classic. I’ve noticed the stats force isn’t actually forcing my desired stats, except for resistances. It’s frustrating me a little bit when attempting to force hit cap or +40 defense because AMR will frequently produce a gear setup below my hitcap or below my defense requirements. The raw DPS to tanky slider has done the job for the most part but it tends to overshoot in either direction which I’ve been trying to mend with forcing stats instead.

Any ideas as to why this might happen?

The setting to force a stat threshold shouldn’t come up short unless it’s just not possible with your available gear. If you click the “help” link next to the big Best in Slot or Best in Bags, then follow the instructions to generate a snapshot and post the ID here, we can look at your specific case and see what’s going on.


As you can see here I am opting for full DPS setup, however I’ve put 360 defense and 7% hit as my requirement. It’s possible to reach 7% hit by swapping blastershot launcher with blackcrow (ranged slot) but the results I’m getting are prohibiting me from going beyond 6% hit even while I have a dagger in my off hand. But even if I had an axe in my offhand though I would still be interested in being able to force the hit rating above 6% because as a tank my first few swings are far more impactful than averages

Hit is a bit of a tricky stat due to how it interacts with weapon skill. Give the section about hit in the guide for the stat threshold feature a read: Custom Stat Threshold Guide

Short version: if you are going for 0% chance for your yellow/special attacks to miss, you should enter 9% as your desired threshold. If you enter 7%, you’re saying that you are OK with a 2% chance to miss with your yellow attacks. You already have 6% hit from gear, which as an Orc will get you to 0% chance to miss with yellow attacks, so you are already above the threshold that you have entered.

Due to how hit interacts with weapon skill, we know that it’s a bit ambiguous what value to enter in for the stat threshold. If you give that guide a read, you can see how and why we decided to do it this way. We think that for most people it will be the easiest to remember and use.