WoW Classic: Set Custom Stat Thresholds

Stat Thresholds are a new customization feature for WoW Classic. It let’s you do things like always get a minimum amount of hit, or a minimum amount of fire resistance.

This feature is available on the Customize tab of either Best in Bags or Best in Slot, which you can reach by clicking the tab label or clicking the Customize Strategy button during the setup step.

Click the arrow or heading below for a detailed tutorial:

Tutorial with Pictures

The Customize Tab

To get started, go to the customize tab when using Best in Bags or Best in Slot:

Set a Threshold

  1. Check the box under the Stat Thresholds label to turn on the stat thresholds feature:


  1. Pick a stat, then enter a minimum amount of that stat that you wish to get. For example, to get a minimum of 9% melee hit:


  1. Press Find Best in Slot (or Best in Bags) to see your results. That’s it!

Below you will find notes and tips for every stat for which you can specify a threshold.

Melee and Ranged Hit

Short version: enter 9 as your stat threshold. This is pretty much what everybody wants.

In the Char Sheet to the right of your Best in Bags or Best in Slot solution, we show how much Hit you have on your gear, and we show your chance to miss with yellow (special) attacks, and white (auto) attacks. Usually what you are aiming to do is reduce your miss chance to zero. Entering a melee hit threshold of 9 will get you to 0% chance to miss yellow attacks if you have enough gear available to do it.


How much hit you have on your gear is ultimately not that interesting – what you care about is your chance to miss with attacks. Most people who are trying to target a specific amount of hit are trying to reduce their chance to miss to zero.

There are two ways to reduce your chance to miss: get hit on your gear, or get weapon skill from gear (or your race) and use the proper type of weapon.

But most people have only 300 weapon skill, and thus need 9% hit on gear to never miss. That is the number that everybody knows and everybody aims for. So that’s how we have you enter your melee and ranged hit threshold: as if you have the base 300 weapon skill. Ignore your race. Ignore whatever type of weapon or extra weapon skill you might be getting from your gear. We’ll automatically adjust it for you.

For example, if you are an Orc using an Axe, and you want to force the optimizer to always give you a 0% chance to miss, you would enter a Melee Hit stat threshold of 9. Then, we will automatically adjust that because you have +5 weapon skill with axes as an Orc: you only need to get 6% hit on your gear to reach 0% chance to miss, and that’s what the optimizer will do.

Note for dual wielders

Auto (white) attacks have a higher chance to miss when dual wielding. Most people don’t worry about capping that. But if you do want to go for a huge amount of hit, we’ll let you do that. If your Melee Hit stat threshold is set to anything higher than 9, we’ll assume that you want to reduce your white chance to miss as low as possible too.

Spell Hit

16% is the most you would ever want, so enter a number up to 16.


Enter the total that you want, including the base amount, amount from talents, etc. For example, enter 350 if you want 350 total defense from all sources.


Enter the total amount that you want, including any amount gained from buffs. We’ll handle stacking buffs properly and all that.

In the Char Sheet stats that we show to the right of your solution, we show your final resistances including all of your selected buffs. Note that if you change a buff in the setup step, the char sheet may not update until you re-optimize.


Why does my score go down when I enter a stat threshold?

Using a DPS spec as an example, the score we show you is an estimate of how much your damage will go up or down with any given set of gear. If you were to say that you want at least 100 fire resistance, then your DPS would probably go down a bit in order to get it. That said, the optimizer will try to find the set of gear that reduces your score the least in order to get 100 fire resistance.

I entered two stat thresholds, but the optimizer doesn’t reach either one. Why?

You probably don’t have enough gear to reach both of the thresholds. Try lowering them. When the optimizer cannot reach your thresholds, it will try to get as close to them as possible, favoring your first threshold a bit more.

Does the upgrade finder account for my stat thresholds?

No. The upgrade finder and per-slot ranked lists only look at our estimated increase or decrease to your theoretical performance for your spec. You can use the search boxes to find items with a particular stat. For example if you type “hit” in the box, it will show gear with +hit on it, and then you can find ones that increase your score the most (or decrease it the least).

How do I enter a threshold for a stat that is not in the list?

Make a post on the forum letting us know which stat you would like to see added, and what you are trying to do with that threshold (what is your goal in-game). If there are some highly requested additional stats we can probably add them.

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Great addition, although I can’t seem to get it to work well on my protection warrior. :confused:

I’m using several different setups to evaluate differences between situations, i.e. shorter and longer combat lengths or fire resistance. Snapshot ID: 7f7350a9429d408aabcb3200ac8786ad

Taking a look at my first setup (60sec fight length, middle-ish toughness, alliance raid buffs, etc.) I get the following:

  • Hit threshold set to 0-5%: No change at all (i.e. 2% hit)
  • Hit threshold set to 6%: Gauntlets of Might instead of Wrath (i.e. 3% hit)
  • Hit threshold set to 7%: Gauntlets of Might and Slashclaw Bracers (i.e. 4% hit)
  • Hit threshold set to 8+%: No change at all (i.e. 2% hit)

Lowering the toughness level changes some things as I’m then able to use another leather item to reach 6% hit, which looks fine and seems to then work consistently.

And it’s a similar situation with the resistance thresholds. I do have items to get to 320 fire resistance without any buffs which should be enough gear to optimize for different thresholds but I can’t get it to work completely as expected:

  • 100 FR threshold: Changing one item (Ony trinket instead of BWL trinket for 73 FR)
  • 150 FR threshold: Changing several items (i.e. 123 FR)
  • 200 FR threshold: No change at all (i.e. 53 FR) - or several changes when setting to 0 toughness level (i.e. 173 FR)
  • 240 FR threshold (cap with Aura and Juju): No change at all, regardless of toughness level
  • 300 FR threshold: No change at all, regardless of toughness level

Seems to work well for my fury setup though, so I’d guess there might be some conflict with the toughness slider - which probably wouldn’t be completely unexpected seeing how that has to alter the results itself.

Oh I forgot to mention, I’ll add to the original post: the character sheet total doesn’t include buffs. You get some resistance from Gift of the Wild.

I’ll try some of the other cases and see what’s up.

So I tried hit threshold from 1 to 7%, and got the expected result. (You are a human using a sword, so you need less hit.) I went back and forth on how to do the hit thresholds… it is complicated because what you really care about is your chance to miss, not how much hit you have.

The way it works is if you say your melee hit threshold is 2%, that means you’re OK with a 7% chance to miss. You don’t need any hit on your gear to reach that with a human wielding a sword.

If you say your melee hit threshold is 7%, you are saying that you’re OK with a 2% chance to miss. You only need 4% hit on gear with a human wielding a sword to have a 2% miss chance.

Once I moved it up to 8 or 9%, it left your gear as-is – I’ll look into that. It’s probably some conflict in the code somewhere that doesn’t like the score going down in order to pick up more hit.

Fire resist is also working fine up to a point – it’s 27 below what you enter, so that your total fire resist after buffs is the value that you entered. Once it gets higher, it seems like it is giving up and not changing your gear. Probably a similar issue to what is going on with a higher hit cap in your case. Shouldn’t take too long to work out what’s going on there, then we’ll do another update.

I suspected that you did add Mark of the Wild for resistance calculations as that did match too well to be a coincidence. Didn’t see that mentioned in the announcement so I added several data points to my post just to make sure.

With hit it was a lot clearer, as the lower thresholds did work perfectly as you described in the announcement.

The main problem with both hit and FR were with higher thresholds, as you said yourself. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I agree with including that “passively” though as i don’t think it’s that useful if you factor in totems / auras. MotW doesn’t stack with Resistance Auras or Totems, so you’d have to manually calculate the difference if you’re using one of those - i.e. I’d have to put in a threshold of 267 (315 - 15 from Juju - 60 from Aura + 27 from talented MotW) to get to 315 FR.
Sure, auras and totems do have a relatively small area of effect but especially as a tank I pretty much have to rely on my paladins to be close enough.

While that’s probably not that simple to implement (even from a UX point of view), I’d rather have a couple checkboxes to select which resistance buffs to include (talented / untalented MotW, Aura / Totem, Juju).
If you’d like to keep it as it is right now, I’ll surely get used to it although I’d suspect I’m not the only one being a bit confused at first.

We can add in the common resistance buffs and adjust for them automatically – we have a few, but seems like we missed juju ember and juju chill. And we can add resistance auras/totems and handle stacking them properly. Any others? We also have the resistance flask, darkmoon resistance buff, and gift of the wild.

Right, adding those like all the other buffs would make much more sense.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything else that would be missing then.

Snapshot ID: b0c18f0ec7094c91bddcef721988cab2

GOTW is not selected

If it is not possible to reach your threshold, the optimizer will try to get as close as possible. If you have two thresholds and they both cannot be reached, the optimizer will get as close to both of them as possible, with more priority given to your first threshold.

So, I have been playing around with these thresholds for a bit and found out that if you exceed the maximum amount of Resistance that your character has, AMR will not try to get as close to it as possible as it was intended.

For instance; on this Warrior, I did 3 settings, I set the NR to 30, 45 and 50.

On 30, it kept all my gear and focused on getting NR through enchants, which hit the mark of 30. - All good here

On 45 and 50, AMR just “stopped” working and didn’t bother getting to the threshold, even though I would have 45 with enchants. If I chose 50, AMR should return a value as close as possible, which isn’t happening either.

I am not sure if this is how it is supposed to work, but I would expect AMR to disregard all other stats and focus completely on meeting the threshold criteria.


Forced Stats [50 NR]


@asashdor @renrico I have updated the site just now with some improvements to the stat threshold feature.

Please give the original post a re-read, it details all of the changes, and then try optimizing your characters again (make sure to re-import or change a setting to ensure you aren’t served a cached solution).

Let me know if it fixes things up, or if you are still having issues. If so I’ll take another look and fix it up.

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That does indeed look much more consistent and, at least for hit, i currently didn’t notice any issues.

I do still have some problems with fire resistance when locking specific items though. Take a look at snapshot id 2fc2bbdf812a4f59adb8bd91a213f150 for example: As long as i don’t lock the Dark Iron Helm it works fine but with that helm locked the optimizer seems to get stuck at 158 FR.
Haven’t found any other item causing something similar yet.

I have tried it out on my mage and warrior and so far it is working as intended! This is a hugeeee update for me! Thanks for the hard work!! <3

Give it another shot – should be fixed now. That was an interesting edge case that only happened when a slot had one available item (or an item locked) and could also be enchanted with something that gives the stat you’re trying to reach.

Ha, now that’s an edge case I would never have expected. Works absolutely perfect right now and AMR even recommended an item combination I didn’t think to take into consideration at all. Great work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Crit would be a nice threshold as well to add.
Being Fury Prot you can’t manage the spec with such a low Crit value.
Lowering the bar to be more DPS oriented tends to just over value hit on the optimizer, more so than adding additional Crit. Due to heroic strike queue’ing hit is receiving more value than it should, but then again this is only for those utilizing the “bug not bug”

Heroic strike queueing has minimal impact on the optimization. It really doesn’t add much dps at all, it’s just a thing you can do if you want.

Slightly over soft hit cap as a Warrior isn’t horrible, but the optimizer recommending 12% hit is definitely a DPS loss across any Fight Club sim and in practice

I would have to see the specific case you are talking about to comment on whether or not it is actually a noticeable DPS loss. I feel good about the mathematical model that we are using for estimate theoretical DPS - especially warriors I have gone over completely multiple times to weed out potential bugs.

is there a way to set a max stat? the system seems to think i need much more hit than i do actually need. so like set for 9 hit not more.

Right now it is only a system for enforcing a minimum.

If you want to post an example of where it is getting more hit than you think it should, we can take a look. That would be pretty rare that the optimizer would recommend that. Press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then Create Support Post. Copy the generated snapshot ID here, and we can see your case.