Classic: Stats in Char sheet don't add up to stats on items

In AMR Char sheet it shows me Healing Power 687
When I hover over each item in the item on the page and add up the Heal Power it’s 705.
Same as in game = 705.
The difference of 18, could it be from “Songstone of Ironforge” ?
It’s the only item equipped with 18 Spell /Heal power.

I have not bothered to check other stats.
IS this a known bug or is this something I am mis-understanding?


We would need to see your character to say for sure. Press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then click Create Support Post. Copy the generated snapshot ID and paste it in a reply here, then we can try out your character and see what’s up.


Just when I blank the slot with that trinket, the +Healing stays at 687 which is why I think it’s not counting it. When I blank any other slot that +healing is removed form the total.

Thanks for the snapshot – I’ll fix this display issue in the next update.

Note that it is only a display issue on the character sheet. We are properly counting the spell power from that ring when performing the actual optimization and ranking of your character’s gear.