Classic TBC pali tank Gear optimization


i’m playing classic TBC and my pali’s gear optimizer is broken. I have it set to make me uncritable and uncrushable, it continues to stack DEF Gems and gear even though im well above the Cap, and it continues to prefer Warrior gear to Pali gear. what i mean is, i have to put some spell gear on that it seems to not want at all. i’ve used this website in vanilla and im loving using it now, but its really clitching bad. when i leveled a pali in vanilla, i never that this glitch.

When I look at your BiB gear… you have not yet reached the crush cap, so it makes sense to me that the optimizer continues to stack defense and other stats to try to get you there.

490 def is the minimum needed to be crit immune, but you can continue to get def as a way to try to become crush immune. You need to reach a total of 102.4% avoidance (miss, dodge, parry, block) with holy shield up. You’re not there yet! I don’t think you can reach it with the gear you have available to you in your bags.

so there is a benefit to having more than 490 Defense? that’s interesting. nobody ever told me that. I really appreciate that. I just won two pieces in Kara 2 days ago. to I’m getting super close now. like 1% from 102.4. Thankyou for your Feedback.

Defense is probably the best stat for increasing your total avoidance, as it increases a boss’s chance to miss, reduces the boss’s chance to crit, and also increases your block, dodge, and parry chance – so it’s a pretty efficient stat.