Classic WoW tooltip

I’d like to see it show in the tool tip that a piece of gear is associated with a particular spec/build. Making it easier to vendor unneeded gear. currently I have to manually separate out what gear is for which spec so I don’t vendor items that are Best in bags.

I’d have to double check that it works the same on classic as retail, but when you click the button in-game to equip one of your optimized gear sets, it also creates an in-game equipment manager set with that gear. The game should show in the tooltip which equipment manager set an item is used in.

So after you import, if you activate and equip the set of gear, it will update that equipment manager set, and give you the label on the tooltip.

Well, the quipment manager didn’t exist back in vanilla so it isn’t available in classic. :wink:

Ah – yeah I wasn’t sure on that, since they run classic off of a version of the addon API that is very similar to retail, not classic, so wasn’t sure if they kept a few UI things like that or not.

While classic obviously uses a modern client, Blizzard did their best to “port back” the UI to match the vanilla UI as close as possible. This meant completely removing everything that wasn’t available back then and not just disabling it - many current UI files don’t even exist in the classic client, even for minor things like the stopwatch.