Client ERROR 006 - caues by having multiples sims in queue?

Hi !

I just wanted to give you an information. My portable PC on my side is running a sims since few hours now and i had no disconnection issue for at least 5hours.
During the time, i had only this simulation running:

At time of writting it was almost 1h-2h left to finish it so i started the next one.
As soon as i’ve added the second one to the queue, my client on my portable pc got an ERROR 006 - Connection to the server could not be establised (withing minutes maube of me clicking “Simulate”). Few minutes after client restarted automatically and keep running well (No hard crash).

Could their be an link between those two actions ?

To be clear this error didn’t show on my main PC. My Main pc have two workers when my portable pc have only one.
My portable PC have the “serve” option turned on.
My main Pc doesn’t.

Hope it help :x in any way.