Client v285, Rotation Updates

  1. Small update to the client to fix some bugs with the beta of the new V2 gearing strategies.

  2. Fixed up some issues with the Protection Paladin rotation that popped up in the last update, wasn’t timing up defensives properly and causing higher than usual death chances.

  3. Small related tweak: added a flag on Spellblade script to disable immunities like Divine Shield, since Annihilation pierces it. Can be checked in rotations, see prot paladin rotation as example.

  4. Turned on a new feature in the Shadow rotation: uses a “data lookup” for the variable that decides when to start Surrender to Madness. We ran a huge batch of simulations (several hundred thousand) using different combinations of gear, talents, etc., since all these things impact optimal surrender start time. More details on Shadow coming in some blog posts soon, and we’ll probably add a more friendly display somewhere that tells you the value that it used for when to start surrender.

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