Client won't open

Hey, I had to reinstall windows recently.
I re downloaded AMR and now when I finish extracting like I use to and go to open the client, the client opens then closes immediately. So now I am not able to do anything with the client…
I have tried re downloading the client 16 times now and it doesn’t work. I’m not sure what I am missing to get the client to work or need to turn on or off.

You can try opening a console window and running the client – see if it prints a message to the console. It will usually tell you why it has exited.

If you aren’t familiar with using console windows, the easiest way to do this is open the folder with simclient.exe in File Explorer. Once there, make sure no file is selected – click on any blank space in the window. Then shift+right click -> open command prompt here. At the prompt, type simclient.exe and press enter.

I am trying to reset my pc again.
I’ll try that after.
It has now started on the website as well, anytime I use a AMR page it says it has lost connection to the server/host

I had that issue just barely. It was fixed by going to the simulator page and generating and downloading a settings file, then putting that file in the amr folder.

Yeah – the new simulator client page walks through that part of the setup. I’ll see if I can make the window stay open after showing that message instead of automatically closing the console window. I always overlook that… do most of my testing by launching it directly from a console window instead of double-clicking the file.

@Warknyte I have 0 clue how to generate a settings page, I went to the simulation and to the settings for the sim. But don’t know what to do.
Still doesn’t work for me at all and I have reset my pc 2 times.
I have increased my ilvl by 10 and started using pawn. I now do 20k less dps after equipping the gear it suggests are upgrades.
Im actually about to quit wow from how complex stats have become. I play feral a lot so this sucks.

You need to follow the instructions on the simulator client download page, that will generate a settings file you put in the sim client directory and then it will work.

I agree that gearing has become way too complex but the optomiser works well for feral, that’s my main spec and I’ve not felt the need to run that many simulations. Occasionally I’ll do a batch sim as a sanity check but I just use the BiB feature and it works.
If you’re having trouble with the recommendations create a new thread and include your Snapshot id and we can have a look and help you decipher the results.