Cobra-Lash boots


Cobra-Lash Boots shows up without sockets, should have one blue and one red.

Also check 91a46ed3314243bcab107876ed3b49a7

recommending chaotic skyfire diamond as meta.

Noticed that the Cobra-Lash Boots have Armor Pen on them as well.

There are two different items called Cobra-Lash Boots. One of them might not be an obtainable item maybe?

Looks like it. According to Wowhead, the “wrong” version of those boots (id 33482) was added with 4.0 and has never been available to players. The correct version would be the socketable item (id 30104).

Fun fact: on retail the wrong version has a “<Right Click to Read>” tag. Why would I want to read my boots? :laughing: