Codex of the First Technique nerfed

I thought I was going crazy…then I read this.

Yeah I just saw this as well – we’ll take a look and see if any adjustments are required… though I’m a little suspicious of that non-scaling cap. I think it is likely Blizzard will change that.

I agree, I think the non-scaling cap was unintended. But I’ve noticed this myself, Especially on Jailer.

This trinket hasn’t worked well for me since I got it. I’ve had it excluded for a while now. If anything, it needed a buff, not a nerf. But I guess I’m glad it’s not even borderline anymore.

Comparing sims and real logs (or even details) since recent patch - sims show this trinket double more effective than a real life experience. I think recent ignore pain buff also adds interfere with this.

Will adjust it with modifier, a bit upsetting though that all my presets are like full of this small tinkering. Exclude this, reduce that… :frowning:

Our estimate and implementation seem to match the spell data and what I see in game for that item… in your logs, how much are you seeing it absorb per hit on average, and how many absorbs per proc do you tend to get?

Twice lower for me

if I can help somehow with logs or running custom rotation or whatever, do not hesitate to poke me over email or dm - will do my best (I know it’s not easy to get a warrior to 60 and get codex and all things like these)