Combat Auto-Logging Disabled Upon Updating?

Every time I update AMR, my raid combat log doesn’t get recorded automatically. The first time this happened, auto-logging was disabled by the update. The second time this happened, the auto-logging was still enabled but failed to log.

Do I need to manually disable and then re-enable auto combat logging after every update? (Makes it a little challenging since I mass update all addons using an addon manager.)

You shouldn’t need to change anything when you update the addon – that behavior hasn’t changed in quite some time. Unless blizzard changed something about the API that isn’t working as well anymore.

When you update, do you do anything that would mess with your addon settings (WTF files)? That could cause settings to be reset.

I have a similar problem. The only check box that shows is for Mythic

What happens if you move the window? Sometimes it doesn’t draw correctly… not exactly sure what causes it, but dragging the window usually fixes it.