Combat didn't log for 1st three bosses in Ny'alotha

I have auto-logging on for all raid types and dungeons. There was some data for one of the trash mobs but it didn’t look right. There was no graph. We did all 3 of the bosses.

Tried logging for the first time tonight. It recorded the next trash fight after I enabled it and nothing after. May have been user error but i’m not sure how.

Is there are reason the last three instances only have Mythic and Normal tick boxes? We were running Heroic.

There should be a checkbox for all 4 difficulties… I’ve been using it to log without problems.

I have seen a UI bug in the past where when switching between tabs in the addon sometimes it wouldn’t render properly, but in theory we fixed that a while back. I wonder if something is conflicting with it… hard to say though. If you try loading the addon with all other addons disabled, do you see all 4 difficulty checkboxes?

I, too, only have two options (Mythic and Normal) for Crucible of Storms, The Eternal Palace and Ny’alotha. I’ve never had options for Heroic or LFR. Is there any update to this issue?

I haven’t seen this pop up for anyone else in a while.

Sometimes changing the scale of the window can have an impact on this (there is a setting on the options tab of the AMR addon). If that doesn’t help, you can also try /amr reset and see if it helps out.