Combat logging didn't log?

I set the addon in game to auto record every raid except mythic (we aren’t there yet) this passed Friday I uploaded the raids for that night then archived it. Saturday should of started a new Combatlog text file but some how it did not. I know it was recording because the addon said it was recording, when I went to upload it after the raid it said the combatlog.txt file was missing or doesn’t exist. Is there some other hidden place where combat logging is spooled out to temporary before writing to combatlog.txt file? What would cause it?

The game only writes to the one file in your Logs folder (WowCombatLog.txt), and it will keep appending to the same file.

I haven’t had any problems with the auto-logging… and haven’t had any reports either. Though sometimes if you have multiple addons trying to control it, they can conflict with each other.

Thanks. I only have the AMR addon that leverages it besides using warcraftlogs to upload, I guess maybe it could of gotten corrupted some how some way when I was trying to upload and it didn’t stop logging after our KJ kill ::Shrugs::