Combination sim setup

How do I set a combination sim up to view the difference between the different food types?

I tried a combination one and gave the stat ranges as current to what it would be with that stat and set the jump size as the buff amount but it just gives me a list of the different scripts with all the buffs descending!
eg. 1000 agi to 1131 agi step of 131

What do you mean by “list of the different scripts with all the buffs descending”?

In theory what you’re doing should work, though you will get some extra combinations. There aren’t that many food buffs… would probably be faster to just do a series of single sims with each food.

I chose the Mythic+, Zul, Single target and Target Dummy scripts in the Other section.

That’s the result I got, so it’s done what I asked but it’s including a lot of extra combinations which aren’t possible.

129 is the correct number for the run that you set up (there is 1 “reference” setup, so it’s doing 128 combinations).

You have 4 bosses, so it’s doing 32 stat combinations. You have allowed it 2 different values for 5 different stats, which is 2^5 or 32 stat combos. (e.g. it will do all stats at the low value, all stats low but agility high, all stats low but agility and crit high, all stats low but agi, crit, haste high, etc.)

Yeah, it’s done them but there’s no easy way of filtering them to see what I want.
I’ll just do a few smaller sims with the changes, I was just hoping to get them all in the one list.