Combining Raid and Mythic+?

Is there any way or how do you recommend setting up a balance of both raiding and M+? i tend to do mostly m+ but i still want to succeed when raiding. What do you a recommend?

Best in Bags is designed to make this easy for you – create two sets of gear, one for M+ and one for raid.

Make a M+ set of gear as your top priority setup, configure it how you like and optimize. Then, create a new setup for raiding and put it just below your M+ setup. Get that configured and optimize – it will do as best it can without changing any gems/enchants on your M+ gear.

Then if you aren’t already using the “send to addon” feature of the site, I highly recommend it – you can send both of these setups to the addon, and switch between them with the press of a button in-game depending on what content you are doing.

I can dig up a tutorial or provide a step-by-step if you haven’t used some of these features before – they are very quick to use once you get the hang of it.

the issue is i dont have the resources to have two sets of gear so i want to make sure im spending my resources on the right gear that gives me a balance in both raiding and m+ .