Conflicting Upgrade Amounts

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I just opened my Great Vault and wanted to assess my options. I did this specifically with my raid tank setup. The Great Vault option of the Upgrade Finder ranked a 275 Anima-Splattered Hide as my best choice at +0.62%. I was a little puzzled by this because that’s a chest piece and that would break my two-piece set bonus. However, two-piece set bonus for brewmaster is strictly defensive, so it seems somewhat reasonable.

But then I had a thought… I could also consult the Mythic+ option of the Upgrade Finder. So I set that up and looked at Mythic 14 Vault, which should include the chest piece at the correct item level. That lists the 275 Anima-Splattered hide at -0.41%. That’s not the confirmation I was hoping for :panda_face:

Like I said, this was all for my raid tanking setup. I repeated the experiment with my dungeon tanking setup and got slightly different results. The Great Vault Upgrade Finder ranks it at +0.73% and the Mythic+ Upgrade Finder ranks it at +0.13%. At least they both have the same sign and the delta is much smaller.

Korra the Confused Panda

Those two upgrade finder searches use different ranking methods – the Great Vault (and Add to my Bag) searches do more calculations because they are working on a smaller subset of items than e.g. the M+ search, so you might see slightly different results. The Great Vault and Add to my Bag searches are a little more thorough.

We also have a round of strategy tweaks coming probably tomorrow based on some hotfixes they did today – still recalculating.