Confused after years of MrRobot usage

Hey gang,

Used MrRobot happily for as long as I can remember and Im actually stumped for the first time.

Im being told after optimizing that better gear
“Gear better than yours often has:
More Crit
Less Haste
More Mastery
Less Vers”

Then MrRobot suggests nothing but Crit+Vers upgrades and where to get them??

So better gear has Crit mastery but here is a list of Crit Vers gear to aim for?

I think this post will clear it up:

Thanks for the link.

Question: If better gear has hast and cirt, and Vers is my worst stat? Why would AMR ask me to farm vers? Long term will this not gimp me as I have more Vers as I upgrade when I could upgrade Hast/crit?

I can try to explain it with math:

imagine you are at a point X (DPS) with a Crit b Haste and c Vers.
If you want to go to X+100 DPS you will need to up your gear
a + 5
b + 10
c + 50

What AMR is saying is:
To get to “max(X)”
you will often (like 80% of the case) have
a =1000

But for you, to get an upgrade in your current gear (X(a,b,c))
you will need to target
more versa to be at the X+100 to begin with.
Then after some time and some gear you will be at “max(X)-100 DPS” and you stats will be close to:
a =950

Without math:

Better gear have often more crit and more haste is beacause in with the best perfect gear you will need more crit and more haste.
In the current raid/gear you have, you will get only haste vers or crit vers but with more agility so you are closing the gap between the best (Crit Haste) and what your are now in the current context of the game.