Confusion on Azerite Trait Suggestion for WW in Best of Bags

I have my specs on my monk ranke in the following order from Top to bottom: BM mythic+, BM raid, MW Raid, WW Single Target, WW Mythic+. When I do Best in bags for WW ST it shows a ilvl 375 shoulder wanting to use in first ring a MW specific-trait. If I can not unlock it for use on WW that means it is suggesting I use a ilvl 375 shoulder ultimately with no traits. However I have other shoulders, one is Ilvl 395 that would work and has traits I can use. Why is it not showing that? I understand the program wanting to look at Stats etc but that seems a bit ridiculous. Am I missing something here? Thanks for your time.

I would need your export string from the addon to really answer this question. And then I’d need the info on how you have each set set up so that I could recreate it.