Considering the "Creation Catalyst" for the "Great Vault" upgrade suggestions

It seems to make sense to consider that items from the Great Vault can be transformed with the Creation Catalyst. When an item is transformed in the Creation Catalyst it can be a bigger upgrade than the best item from the Great Vault as it comes from the Great Vault. It would be great if it is shown directly in the pick suggestions for the Great Vault, that a “picking and transforming with the Creation Catalyst” path gives the biggest upgrade.

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This would really be great

Since they are keeping both the vault and the catalyst in Dragonflight, we will develop some new and improved ways of handling those once we know the details for Dragonflight.

We’re pretty buried getting ready for the pre-patch (which is rumored for end of October), so we probably won’t be able to update these Upgrade Finder features until during the pre-patch or around when Dragonflight is released.

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