Consumables and Group Buffs

Hey there!

So I’m quite new to using AMR and when, for example, creating a Gearing Strategy, I’m not sure which Consumables and Group buffs I should use.

When in a Raid, the chances of having all Group buffs is quite high but when in Dungeons, open world etc. I usually don’t have these but I still want my e.g. BiS/next upgrade to be “accurate”. Same with Consumables, and Reorigination Array, my RA is going to change every week, and when it comes to Consumables I sometimes have a feast, other times I just use haste food.

So what I am wondering is if it even really matters in the long term for something like Gearing strategy and if I should just ignore it or if I should use some specific set of “combinations” of the two to get a general result.

I have also looked for a guide or anything that describes the issue I am having but I haven’t found quite what I need. I just think that, when changing/disabling some buffs, it might skew the result of my base stats, so to say, and I might not get the most out of my sims.

Btw. Thanks for creating this incredible tool and putting so much of your time and effort into this!

Feast v single stat food; what stat do you get from a Feast? If it’s Haste, then that part is sorted.
The character spec’s I play only have one ‘Raid Buff’ each, so I can’t say I’ve noticed options.

Feasts give primary stat, so should always be the same. In general, the buffs and consumables won’t make a huge difference for choosing gear, so I wouldn’t sweat it. Reorigination Array we handle via a setting in the optimizer that you can turn on/off, so you shouldn’t need to create a new gearing strategy for that one.

That said, if you run with a pretty consistent setup in M+, you could try creating a strategy with your common setup, then make another strategy with full buffs/consumables, and compare the results – does it pick different gear? And if so, is it just a little different, or a lot different?