Contradictory info

howdy , all , simple question , on a lot of my chars the optimise function tells me (for example) better gear than yours has less crit more vers, the pawn string says crit 19.3 vers 30.9 but mrrobot optimise function suggests i replace all my gems/chants with crit. Im a tad confused

The info on the right are more like general directions which stats to look for in the future, as those have the biggest chance to be better than what you currently have.

There is a problem with giving such “basic” advice though: Over the years WoW has become so complex that you can’t just say “Stat X is always better than stat Y”. There are lots of possible stat combinations that are expected to work almost identically and AMR tries to find the best possible stat combination using what you have available.

This can - and often will - deviate from the single best stat combination as it’s pretty unlikely to have exactly those items you’d need for that. If you want to see an overview of stat combinations and how they stack up against each other you can click on “View optimal stat graph” under the info on the right.

Taking myself on my Unholy DK (ilvl 432) for example there’s almost no difference between having 2772 Crit, 924 Haste, 308 Mastery and 0 Versatility vs. having 616 Crit, 1848 Haste, 308 Mastery and 1232 Versatility according to simulations.
Generally speaking I’d want to prioritize Crit and Haste though, as that’s most likely to give better results.